Lumsdon Law

Lumsdon Law

Hill In The Cheviots, Northumberland

Climb up 475m to bag Lumsdon Law in The Cheviots.

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While bagging hills on my Cheviot 99 adventure, it was time to head up to Bryness and grab some of the hills around here.

I haven't really hiked up here before so wasn't sure of what to expect. However after coming down from the Hungry Law Trig Point I was met with this spectacular sight. A huge corrie with Lumsdon Law right at the other side.

A corrie is a horseshoe shaped bowl formed by glaciers. They usually contain lakes, but this one was empty, although I could imagine it being a bit soggy at the bottom. And there at the other tip of the horseshoe was Lumsdon Law.

Lumsdon Law is a huge flat hill and reminded me a bit of a smaller version of The Cheviot. The best thing was when I walking to this around the outskirts of the bowl, you got wonderful views of the hill as you were approaching, from all different angles.

Once at the top, head over to the cairn for amazing views over Byrness and Catcluegh Reservoir.

The quickest was to get here is to park at Carter Bar and then just follow the fence line east until you are in line with Lumsdon Law. Then just trapse over the grass to the hill and find your best route to the top. Around 5km and 159m ascent.

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After my walk, I headed down the hill to the east (which was very steep) and headed up to visit Echo Crags. Smashing views back over to Lumsdon Law from here.

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How To Find Lumsdon Law

Where Is Lumsdon Law?

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Lat / Long

55.34238, -2.4324

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Where To Park For Lumsdon Law?

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55.354504, 55.354504

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Park at Carter Bar, the border between Scotland and England.

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